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Welcome to fuelmeup.com!!!

As you are intimately aware, gas prices have been outrageously high and extremely volatile over recent months. As a cost-conscious consumer, I wanted to find the best value every time I fueled my car to save money. I often drove to various gas stations to find the "best" value, but this took a lot of time and effort. After speaking with other drivers, I found that they shared the same concerns and adopted similar cost-saving rituals. In an effort to save myself and others valuable time, money and gas, this website was created.

I hope you find this site helpful and assist in promoting its importance to all drivers by sharing gas prices. Any time you find cheap gas prices, please go to the “update prices” section of this website to post the information --- we can all help each other!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

“Before you fill ’er up, stop at fuelmeup!”

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