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New and Used Car Dealers team up with FuelMeUp.com

Gas Prices and New Car Dealers drive fuel efficient Car Sales

According to Tim Fleischer on Eyewitness News "the rising cost of gasoline is driving more and more motorist to look for fuel efficient cars". Honda Dealers, GM Dealers, and Toyota have great buys on Hybrid and Smart Cars. Honda Civic hybrids do not stay on the car dealer's lot. Many people are looking for a car used and still gets great gas mileage.

Fuelmeup.com will be launching a service for consumers and dealers to buy fuel efficient cars for sale. This will be a great website for local consumers buying used cars, as well as new cars. Each city page will be used for local car dealers to buy ads and list used cars for sale. We will have a section for getting advice on buying used cars. You may even want help in negotiating the price and terms of your used cars. Fuelmeup.com will connect you with a trustworthy with a used car dealer who will give you a fair trade-in on your used car and assist with financing the purchase of new or used cars.

To find a dealer in your area (click here) to type in your city or zip code. You will be able to deal with local car dealers, auto dealers and truck dealers, who have authorized service centers. Use FuelMeUp.com as a leader in consumer saving products. back

again to nctddrvr for updating the most gasoline prices during the month of September and winning a gift certificate for Amazon.com! back